Hello 👋🏽

I'm a writer at Eater New York, where I report on restaurant and hospitality industry news. Over the last two years, I have reported features on flour tortillas and finance bros, written restaurant openings about baijiu shots and mama's boys, and conducted longform investigations into some of the city's most powerful restaurateurs. You can find my latest work here.

I found my way to New York City by way of Orange County, hometown of the French fry-filled California burrito and this Chicano journalist. I attended Oberlin College with the intention of studying fiction writing, before I realized I was much better at documenting other peoples' stories than dreaming up my own.

Since graduating, my work has been featured in Eater, New York Magazine, the Atlantic, and WNYC. Much of what I write is about what I eat, a borderline unmanageable list of restaurants and bars that I update periodically (last updated April 2022): 

Chilo’s. Abu's Homestyle Bakery. Giuseppina’s. Speedy Romeo’s. Los Tacos No. 1. Jing Fong. Peaches Hothouse. Ugly Baby. Root & Bone. Casa Enrique. Pizza Moto. Taqueria. Bourke Street Bakery. Little Tong Noodle Shop. Hometown Barbecue. Chez Ma Tante. Barboncino Pizza. Xi’an Famous Foods. Noodle Pudding. Chavela’s. Doris. The Fly. Miscelanea. San Pedro Inn. Gran Electra. Hunky Dory. Burger Joint. Win Son. A&A Bake and Doubles. Insa. Joya. Le Sia. Threes Brewing. Superiority Burger. Lamazou. Crown Shy. Baodega. The Food Sermon. Redhook Tavern. Court Street Grocers. Saraghina. North China Dumpling. Emily. Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop. Pig and Khao. Halal Guys. Rahi. MáLà Project. Death & Co. Uncle Boons. Raku. Freeman’s. Bernie’s. 

Poppy’s. Milkmade. Bobwhite Lunch and Supper Counter. Taco Stand on 6th and 28th. Veselka. Szechuan Mountain House. Win Son Bakery. Her Name is Han. Cosme. Brooklyn Cider House. LaRina Pastificio. Hai Di Lao. Lilia. Cafe Rue Dix. Meme Chengs. Lucali. Olea. Birria Landia. Bumu. Suya Bowl. Mokyo. Joe's Shangai. Boca Santa. Miss Ada. Calaca. Kiki's. Thai Diner. Levain Bakery. Zabar's. Chubby Princess. MeMe's Diner. 

Uptown Veg. Paul's Caribbean Bakery. Kingston Tropical Bakery. Champion Bakery. Smashed. Jerrell's BETR BRGR. 7th Street Burger.  Bonnie's. Evelia's Tamales. Tamale Cart at Flatbush Avenue and Eastern Parkway. Wenwen.